What Is TRUTH?

Why should we consider what is true and what is not true?  Let’s begin with some basics we can probably all relate to and agree on.  I will start with a list of “givens”, which are not only my opinion, but which must be TRUE if we are going to make any sense of this subject.  Here is a short list of “Truths” which will all be proven to you, should you take the time to thoroughly investigate this website.
  • An intelligent being far beyond our ability to comprehend, created all that we see in this great universe. (God is smarter than we are!)
  • An amazing document is available for anyone to study, to learn, to gain wisdom and understanding, if they have the heart and desire to do so.
  • Evolution, the teaching that human life developed from simple cells over many billions of years is provably FALSE.
  • Truth is NOT something which is true for some and not all. Truth is not relative, especially not the truth we are defining as we discuss it here.
  • All efforts to divert us from the truth or to suggest there is no such thing as absolute truth have a distinct signature of one whose desire is to enslave. This false message of deception comes from Satan, the temporary enemy of our God YeHoVaH, the One and Only Creator God of our universe.
Depending on your age, (I’m nearly 75 years of age), you may already be familiar with the fact that school systems around the world have been teaching a silly notion for years, suggesting that TRUTH is strictly “relative” and can be TRUE for one person, while being absolutely UN-TRUE for another.
They are saying, in essence, that there is no such thing as TRUTH. We don’t have to carry this to much of an extreme at all to prove how “unworkable” this idea is in any society.
If the idea that there is no such thing as TRUTH, as it is presented in most of our learning institutions today, seems as ridiculous to you as it does to me, then you have arrived at the right place to enjoy hearing some TRUTH that will be meaningful to you in your life today and far into your future. It will also help you enjoy the journey much more than you otherwise might by helping you understand the most important TRUTHS more clearly.
Can we agree that we must “reject” any suggestion that there is no such thing as TRUTH or that TRUTH is “relative”, i.e. what is TRUE for one, is not necessarily TRUE for another?
Instead, let’s agree that TRUTH must be “UNIVERSALLY TRUE”, or else we should not consider it to be “TRUTH” in the first place.
With that common agreement, then, let’s consider a succinct statement defining what “TRUTH” is:
TRUTH is that which has always been TRUE in the past, is TRUE today, and will be TRUE always in the future.
Now…Please consult our Mission Statement on this page to better understand where we are headed with this message about TRUTH.