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Each of the above 6 images can be displayed on all of the different products being offered here for the purpose of “Proclaiming” the Hebrew NAME of the Father, which has recently been discovered in many ancient manuscripts clearly demonstrating the three vowel points showing how to pronounce God’s Name.

The Name of God has been removed from the Bible, as it was originally written in our English Bibles as YHVH, then replaced more than 6,800 times with LORD. 

If you are like me, which I believe many people are, it seems a very rich blessing to finally be able to proclaim the Father’s Name when we call out to Him in prayer, as He says clearly that He expects us to do. Yeshua said repeatedly that He came in His Father’s Name.

Is there any doubt that Yeshua pronounced His Father’s Name every time He talked about Him? God said everyone would “know His Name is YeHoVaH” and that “this is My Name forever”… 

Note: I am not saying anyone else has to write or pronounce God’s Name exactly as I have done here and on these images. Since the vowels discovered in the ancient manuscripts I mentioned above were, “e” – “o” – “a”, I have placed them in between the four consonants in a similar way that vowels are displayed in the Hebrew language around the consonants they provide proper pronunciation for.

I am told that the emphasis on the Father’s Name is on the last syllable, with a soft “e”, a long “o” and a soft “a” sound… Ye – Ho – VaH’ … Now you can display His Name proudly to those around you on the various merchandise offered here. It is a blessing to proclaim His Name! Praise be to YeHoVaH!!!