Disclosure Policy

Effective date last edited – March 1, 2023

1. Financial connections or compensation to TheOnlyTruth (TOT) in any form, whether by direct payment or by the providing of free promotional materials or any other benefits given to TOT for its promotions to website visitors will be disclosed. We will disclose any “material or financial connections” with TOT that involve our providing payment of compensation or our providing free promotional materials or benefits to any party endorsing us in connection with their testimonials or comments.     
1.1 Commissions and Fees. TOT currently neither receives or pays any form of compensation for its endorsement of other’s products or for their endorsement of ours.  
1.2 We currently do not give or offer any free promotional materials or any type of  benefit, other than a simple thanks to all those who choose to provide an endorsement or testimonial regarding their opinion of TOT.
2. TOT offers its opinion on what is presented in the Bible and that opinion should not be considered by any TOT visitors to be absolute fact, nor should it be used to arrive at any definite time or date when considering something that is believed will happen at a time and place in the future. These events and times will happen according to the will and intention or our Creator God, over which TOT has no control or direct influence beyond any that is said to be possible to anyone willing to pray and ask God about it. 
3. Subjective Opinion Testimonials of visitors to our site, posted on our site that are in the nature of subjective opinions, we do not independently verify, nor do we seek independent verification; however, to the best of our knowledge we believe those testimonies to be honest opinions. If you’re not sure whether to believe anyone’s subjective opinion testimonial, email Michael@TheOnlyTruth.com and request clarification. 
4. Regarding our promotion of other products or opinions, we may promote the products or services or others, and when we do so we are acting as an “advertiser” for those individuals and products. If and when we act as an affiliate or reseller for others, we are acting as an advertiser for those individuals and products. When we do, we will always disclose “financial connections” when we act as a promoter that results in our receipt of compensation or our receipt of free promotional materials or any other benefits received by TOT for those promotions.     
4.1 Commissions and Fees. Some or all of the advertisers whose products or services we promote may pay us in the form of advertising fees, affiliate commissions, referral fees, or other fees. Although you might assume that our promotions are biased by reason of compensation, we always intend only to give our honest opinions and recommendations. 
4.2 All other Benefits. Some or all of the advertisers whose products or services we promote may reward us with free promotional materials or other benefits. You might assume our opinions are biased by reason of TOT receiving certain materials or benefits, but we always give only our honest opinions and recommendations.  
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Note: There have been no material modifications to this policy since March 1, 2023