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Please consider allowing me to send you a simple email notification when a new TOT Newsletter or other new Bible Study content becomes available for you online. There is not yet a regular schedule for these TOT Newsletters… and at this time I will not email out the newsletters when they are published periodically. All the TOT newsletters will be posted on the “Newsletters” page on my website and will be available to every visitor to TOT’s site.

There is no cost for accessing the site content, currently including the “Newsletters”, “Download” and “Videos and Studies” pages. You are free to visit, read / study and be blessed as you open your Bible, which is an important and essential reference tool to have with you at – –

You can Opt-out at any time by simply sending me another email to the same address and requesting to be taken off of the TOT notification list. I will send one final email confirming you have been removed from that list.

Please Note: When you send an email to me at – – your name and email information will never be shared. I hate spam as much as anyone…