About my mission for this website:

I have a sincere belief that I am not the only TRUTH SEEKER alive, but that the majority of humankind alive today would be much more comfortable believing they understand the important, eternal truths necessary to maintaining a righteous relationship with the only Creator God, whose Name according to Him is “YHVH”. God says throughout the Old Testament (OT) that “everyone” in all nations on earth “shall know” His Name “in the latter days”. This is an important TRUTH for reasons just explained… (God’s Name seems very important to Him, so… shouldn’t it be important to you and me?) This truth is only one thread in a fascinating journey I hope you will join me on here at TheOnlyTruth.com… Please understand that I know I can’t currently have “all the truth”, but I promise you I will never lie about any of the important things we have to discuss, but will share what I have found to be true in my 14 years focusing on what the Bible has to say is TRUTH and what is NOT TRUTH. As long as we can agree to disagree, occasionally while always being respectful (and NICE) to each other, then you will be welcome here. I do change my mind occasionally, when presented with an alternate, provable and factual matter.

One primary objective is to introduce TRUTH about how and why you and your loved ones must begin now to prepare for what may soon come over our horizon. We have all been taught to believe that there is nothing more we can or must do to prepare for potential, coming end time events. Your own Bible can prove to you that this could not be further from the truth. While it is true that YHVH, through the life and death of His Son, Yeshua 2,000 years ago made the only way for any man or woman to find eternal salvation, your own Bible has much more to say about what God expects of each of us He has called, if we hope “first” to be blessed in this life, then protected through the potential judgments coming to visit all of of us in these end times. Not a single soul on the planet earth will be unaffected by the judgments that may be coming sooner than we imagine.

My passion for TRUTH and sharing it with you:

One very important TRUTH you will discover soon, is how the parable of the 10 virgins actually tells the story of what will happen to many Christians who are suffering from wrong teaching. Because of their resulting wrong believing, many will find themselves not among the “wise”, who were prepared and able to enter into the wedding. TheOnlyTruth.com contains many references from the Word of God, found in your own Bible, designed to help those with eyes to see and ears to hear find the TRUTH. God Himself offers all the “Divine” protection necessary to shield and protect you from potential, horrific events that may lie ahead. I must assume that like me, you would rather be protected than not. I will share with you, what you must understand. You will clearly see how the church today continues to make the very same mistake that religious leaders made in Israel over 2,000 years ago. They are teaching, preaching, proclaiming today a similar message the religious leaders of Israel were proclaiming then; God’s divine protection would cover you, essentially telling their congregations there was nothing to worry about.

Sound familiar? Regardless whether you have been taught the rapture will protect you before anything bad happens, or that you will be otherwise protected from all harm, OT religious leaders, however well intentioned they may have been, were wrong then and too many people today won’t realize, until it is too late, many Christian leaders are wrong again today. But the leaders back then were wrong and many people who trusted them suffered and died due to their “wrong believing”. Today the time is fast approaching when many who trust what they have been taught in church, rather than taking personal responsibility through prayer, fasting, and studying the Word in their own Bible, will experience great tribulation and sorrow, even though they “believe” in God’s Son, Yeshua.

There is so much to dig into, to understand on these important subjects than most Christians, including Christian pastors and teachers today have been taught. The evidence is clear. What we call the “church” today is in serious trouble. When compared “statistically” to their neighbors and co-workers in the world around them, individual members of almost any given church congregation look no different than those of the world. Something is seriously wrong. That’s why it is so important for you to learn how to find the path that leads to that narrow gate, of which Yeshua Himself said, “…there are few who find it.” You should truly want to find and enter through that “narrow gate”. If you do, then you have arrived at the right place, where you can discover exactly how to do just that.

My Goals

I believe “Goals” are good things to have; essential to beginning any journey, then staying on track as closely as possible to achieve the goals one by one. Goals should always be flexible enough to alter their specificity, their exact, targeted completion dates… Why?… Because stuff happens to all of us and we have to “go with the flow” to some extent if we hope to keep our sanity. Here are a few of the goals I hope to achieve with regard to “TheOnlyTruth.com”, along with my sharing similar information through new media channels, like “gab” and “parlor” and other yet undiscovered sources…

  1. I hope to begin an “online” Newsletter. But exactly how frequently it will get published and exactly when the “1st” edition will “come off the presses” is up for debate and subject to the somewhat limited time I have to write it.
  2. I’m in the process of producing teaching videos covering a number of important “life” lessons from our Bibles, the first of which should become available in the coming weeks, but no later than the end of March, 2021.
  3. I would like to have a “sort of live” Bible Study meeting online, which would be available for you to attend “sort of live” or optionally able to watch the recorded meeting at your own convenience. I say, “sort of live”, because I plan to record and edit the session in order to control the “time” stamp of each session to between 30 – 45 mins. When you choose to attend online live, you could “chat live” with me and others attending “live” while the study is ongoing and for a short period after it concludes… I hope that makes sense???
  4. I hope to publish a book which will cover many important TRUTHS found entirely in and supported by what anyone can find and read in their own Bibles. I hope to have this book published no later than August of this year, 2021.

Enough, already about my goals, please feel free to write to me anytime at “Michael@TheOnlyTruth.com”. You can send emails from your personal email address or use one of the contact forms found here on this website. I PROMISE NEVER TO SHARE OR TO USE YOUR NAME OR EMAIL FOR ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. But I do insist on ONE IMPORTANT RULE for all our communications, including within the “chat” sessions online… I’m only interested in exchanging any type of communication with those who CHOOSE TO BE NICE. I will always be NICE in return. But I’ll block or otherwise restrict anyone’s access if they should choose NOT to be nice.

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