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Michael Blair

I have been a student of the Bible for many years. My military and civilian background as a pilot for more than 45 years has taken me around the world to every continent.

After retiring in 2003, I began working with a major ministry, helping to establish an online Bible School. Over a period of several years, I devoted the majority of my time to Bible study and as a Teaching Assistant to students at the online school.

It was during this time that I found eternal, life-changing insights in my Bible which had been hidden, although in plain sight for many centuries. Now for more than 15 years I have been sharing these insights with willing hearts who have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth. What I share here is life changing good news to all who can hear it.

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While this site remains under construction, you may want to check back here regularly to see what has

been added. Please understand that the name, “The Only Truth” is not meant to imply that this
is the “only” place you can find truth, but rather to let you know I promise to share
always and only what I find to be true and that it is all based on what I find
in my own Bible and you can find in your Bible as well. It is a long story
for another place and time to explain exactly how I came
to own this domain name, “TheOnlyTruth.com”.

What Have We Missed?

I doubt that anyone in history has ever been pleased to learn that something they understood to be true for many years, perhaps for their entire lifetime, was not true.  While they had always believed it to be true, in fact it was at least partly untrue. It was certainly difficult for me to accept this fact. Whether I or anyone else in the Christian Church realize it or not, we have inherited many untruths, half-truths and doctrines created long ago, out of the minds of men, too often with evil intent.

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